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2 weeks till Back to School!

It’s unbelievable that the school year is about to begin. What ever happened to school starting after Labor Day?? Anyway, while you are getting supplies (parents), looking for the hottest gear (students), or trying to enjoy the last days of vacation; make sure you make an appointment at Craig’s VIP Cuts. We take walk-ins but….. It’s gonna be a crazy wait… See ya soon..

Easter Weekend

Once again it was a blessed and fruitful Easter weekend. Most shops experienced one of the busiest weeks of the year during this time. Gotta give thanks… Now the good… We experienced a steady client flow all week, several new clients who heard about us came thru, the tips were big, and posted a top 10 Saturday. I also reconnected with some good former clients who did not know my new address.
The bad… appointments vs. walkins… I gotta take the blame for this one. When you walk in our shop, apparently it’s not clear that we accept both walkins and appointments. A few appointments got out of their cars and walked right in our chairs; to the dismay of some clients. One regular client walked out super pissed cause I had an appointment even though he was waiting for a while. One suggestion I will try is to put a sign informing clients that others may have appointments so “check with your barber when you walk in.” I need my barbers out there to tell me what works for them…
The ugly… The cable was almost cut off… Guess who forgot to pay the cable bill? It was a full shop, everybody watching the NBA and a big notice flashes on the screen and says, “Pay your cable bill or you will be disconnected.” Everybody in the shop then looks at me…. REAL EMBARRASSING.

New VIP Deluxe Package

Our clients spoke… and we listened. For our clients who like to stay well-groomed on a set schedule,we have a VIP Deluxe Package..


*4 Cuts per month / 1 per week ($60 value)

*Beard/Mustache trim with hot towel treatment-$

* 4 Shape ups/Line ups per month 1/week ($36 value)

*4 steam facials per month/ 1 per week  ($60 value)

*Razor line included with each service (optional)

*Favorite beverage with each visit

*Bigen color with cut and/or beard (optional) ($40-$80 value)



*2 Cuts per month including beard/mustache trim ($30 value)

*2 Shape ups/Line Ups per month ($36 value)

*2 Steam facials per month ($30 value)

*Razor line included with each service (optional)

*Favorite beverage with each visit