One thought on “Hours of Operation

  1. Hello,

    My name is Cheveyo Madu Abayomi. I am a freelance photographer and videographer based in Stockbridge with 10+years of onscreen acting experience that I bring behind the camera. I moved here from Austin in which I have done a lot of work for musicians and small businesses all of last year before moving here to the Atlanta area, 3 months ago. I am currently running a New Years Day Special on photos that I’d like to extend to your business in case you were interested in hiring someone to do your photos and/or video for your website or any other means of advertising. I am guaranteed to give you the best rate for the services I offer. Feel free to check out my website for more info:

    Photo Portfolio:

    Video Promos (A great way to get people to know you before they walk into your office):

    I also offer rates for business professionals and individuals looking for portraits/headshots. Digital copies of all shots from your photo session included.

    Any of my photos can be used for flyers, posters and business cards as well. Just let me know how you want to format them and I can provide the correct file sizes.

    Make your appointment today! Offer ends Feb. 1st 2018. 🙂

    I look forward to hearing back from you,

    Cheveyo Madu Abayomi
    Video & Photography
    (347) 679-9267


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