• Do you take walk ins? (Yes we do but appointments are first priority. If possible, make an appointment with one of our barbers)
  • How much are haircuts? (Kids cuts are $20 and up and adults are $30 and up)
  • What are your hours? (We are open Mon-Thur 10am-7pm, Fri-9am-8pm, and Sat 7am-6pm)
  • Do your barbers use razors? (Yes! We are very skilled with razor lines on the hairline and beards)
  • Can i get waves after my cut? ( This is possible but it depends on your hair texture and hair growth pattern.)
  • Are appointments extra? (No fees for appointment!)
  • Could you adjust my clippers? (Yes, cor a small fee ☺️)
  • Should i get a razor line after my cut? ( Its your personal preference but a good(Yes, we cut ALL ethnicities!)
  • My son is mixed, can you cut his hair? (Yes, most definitely!)
  • How old should my child be before getting his first cut? (We recommend a child is at least 2 years old before getting his first cut but we have cut kids that are 10 months old!)
  • Im thinking about going to barber school , can you recommend one? (Sure can, talk to Craig for more info (404) 507-CUTS
  • Are you open on Sundays? (Usually no, but occasionally we do take SPECIAL appointments on Sunday for a higher fee.)

McDonough Barbershop (770) 898-5795

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