Price List

  • Regular HairCut Adult (16 and up) -$30
  • Haircut w/Beard -$35
  • Kids EVEN ONLY (12 and under)-$18
  • Kids (ages 15-18) Specialty cut (fades, mohawks, afros, temp)-$20
  • Design cuts- $25 and up
  • Shape up/Line ups-&17 and up-$25
  • Senior citizen(haircut only) $20
  • VIP Cut-cut, shave, razor lines, hot towel, shampoo, steam facial, line enhancement w/ fibers-$50
  • After Hours-$65 and up
  • Mobile services on location-$80 and up
  • *Walk ins and Appointments are available. Appointments are first priority. 

2 thoughts on “Price List”

  1. Hey. I like the new website. I happened across your facebook page some months ago. I am a barber in Tulsa, Ok. It may not make a difference to you but im impressed. So many people really abuse there privilege, i believe because they do not view it as responsibility and dont hold themselves accountable. But any ways, just wanted to say thank you for just being you.

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