Craig “Mr. Taper” Logan shared an Instagram photo with you


Craig “Mr. Taper” Logan just shared an Instagram photo with you:

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“10 Barber Tips 2 get ready 4 Thanksgiving. 10. No hanging out late before thxgvng.-Save your energy. You’re gonna need it. 9. Promote your skills.-You can always get new clients during the holidays. 8. Schedule appts ASAP. 7. Keep good movies at shop.-Keep clients entertained while they wait. 6. Offer free beverages. 5. Concentrate on client in your chair.-Don’t be distracted by the 5 client$$ waiting for you. 4. Come in early. Work late. 3. Offer extra services-shampoo, facial, razor… 2. Look good-Break out the new Jordan’s. 1. Get a haircut.-nothing worse than a barber that needs a cut and a shave. ”

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