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“Best Man Holiday has been out a few weeks and it’s a great movie. Too many guys in the barbershop are lying about the tear flow. Here are 10 reasons why it was ok for dudes to have #thugtears (Spoiler alert-if u haven’t seen it by now too bad) 1. Nia Long crying. Watching my baby cry in the tub was too much for me. #thugtears. 2. Taye Diggs broke ass. My broke ass is broke now and I’m too proud to ask my boy for gas money. #thugtears 3. Nia Long’s boyfriend. I have fantasized about Nia for a LONG time. I’m not racist but the fact that she chose a white dude over me made me feel some type of way. (Rich Homie voice) #Thugtears 4. Sanaa Lathan’s body. I just new I was gonna see my 2nd baby mama’s body after the baby. It was blasphemous to have that body in a pregnancy suit for 99% of the movie. At least I did get a peek at the couchie. 5. Lance & Mia’s house made me realize how insignificant and rundown my shack is. #Thugtears 6. Harper’s problems with his book reminded me of my own problems getting my book, “50 Fades of Grey Hair” published. #Thugtears 7. When Q said it was time for him to settle down and get married at the end of the movie… This reminded me of the time when I moved to Atlanta and had 20 girls a day and then a few years later I met my queen. #Thugtears 8. When Shelby was acting like she was ok but she was really lonely… Reminded me that hoes need love too. #ThugTears 9. When Lance broke the rushing record and they had to rush back tithe house. You knew what was coming… #Thugtears. 10. The last conversation between Mia & Lance after the game & the funeral… #DoubleThugTears ”

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