Transformation Thursday

Looking for a new style? Stop by the shop to get that transformation! We cut ALL hair types. Book now for that VIP look!

Friday Fades-Sept. 2020

Today’s Friday fade is a 2 on the side, hard part and a 4.5 on top. Need this look? Click here. We are open everyday so come check us out!

Friday Fades-#GrownManCut-Sept. 2020

#GrownManCut-Today’s Friday Fade is a temp taper, 3 on top and very light beard trim. Need this cut? Click here and schedule your appointment now!

Transformation Tuesday-Aug. 2020

Let’s face it. School is not the same. Are you tired of going months without a haircut? Ask mom or dad if you could PLEASE get a haircut. The transformation will be priceless! Book your appointment and click here!