Military Style

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S/O to all the active and inactive military soldiers out there. Looking for a military cut with flavor? Come check us out! Click here for appointment.

Tuesday Tapers -Dec. 2020

Put a smile on your face and get a haircut! Like this cut? Need a good barber in McDonough? Click here for appointment.

Friday Fade-Dec. 2020

TGIF! Winter is definitely here! Do you need a fresh cut? Looking for a good McDonough barber? Come check us out and click here for appointment!

Kids cuts- Nov. 2020

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Do you need a good barber for lil man? Come check out the kid cut experts! Book now and thank yourself later!

Transformation Thursday

Looking for a new style? Stop by the shop to get that transformation! We cut ALL hair types. Book now for that VIP look!

Taper Tuesday-Nov. 2020

New to the area? Looking for a good barber in McDonough? Come see us! Click link for appointment!

Razor sharp

Every haircut is done with quality and precision. We also finish each cut with precision by using a high quality razor blade. Come get your razor sharp cut now by booking online now!

Kids Cuts-Nov. 2020

Need a barber who’s great with kids? Come check us out! We are quality, professional and friendly with ALL of our kids styles. Click here for appointment.

Another one…

They did it again… The Falcons had a lead and lost it in the last minute. I witnessed it in person this time. I don’t know why I let them do this to me…. Well, they are my second favorite team. My first? New York Giants.

Thursday Taper-Oct. 2020

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This Thursday’s taper is a drop fade with a 3.5 on top. Like this look? Click here for appointment.